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"If A Snowman Farts, Will Its Butt Melt?" Children's Book

I am excited to tell you that my latest children's book is finished! You can find it in print and ebook format on Amazon.

Posted by Admin on September 01, 2022

Map for Zalvador And The Fairy Village of Shroom

To help with the visualization of my upcoming book, "Zalvador And The Fairy Village of Shroom", I created a map of the locations of each village in the story. Zalvador is from Shroom, which is located in the bottom right.

Posted by Admin on August 24, 2022

The best review I have received for a book.

I believe it doesn't matter if you have wrote one book or one hundred books, getting a positive response to a project you have devoted a great deal of time and energy on feels amazing.

Posted by Admin on July 20, 2022

Meet Kadavo

Let me introduce you to Kadavo. Kadavo is one of the characters in my upcoming book, "Zalvador and the Fairy Village of Shroom".

Posted by Admin on June 29, 2022

Self-Published Author

For myself, there are many benefits of being a self-published author. I am a little bit of a control freak, and my books and stories are very personal to me.

Posted by Admin on June 19, 2022

Booktok Writer Inspiration TikToks

My inspiration of writing comes from many locations, and I thought it would be fun to create TikToks of my inspirational finds. To view my TikTok profile, click here.

Posted by Admin on May 3, 2022

Meet Vaniyo

The next character I would like you to meet is Vaniyo, he was created with the magic of Zalvador. Vaniyo is more than just a dragonfly, he is Zalvador's best buddy. The two together will help defeat the warlocks of Dusta, along with other fairy friends and light elves.

Posted by Admin on April 20, 2022

"Zalvador and the Fairy Village of Shroom"

I am currently working on my next book, "Zalvador and the Fairy Village of Shroom". I want to introduce you to the main character, Zalvador. Zalvador will grow up to be the most powerful fairy in Shroom, that is, if he can escape the clutches of the evil elven warlock.

Posted by Admin on April 14, 2022


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