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Map for Zalvador And The Fairy Village of Shroom

August 24, 2022

To help with the visualization of my upcoming book, "Zalvador And The Fairy Village of Shroom", I created a map of the locations of each village in the story. Zalvador is from Shroom, which is located in the bottom right. The village of Dusta is located on the top left, and Sunda is located on the top right.

The houses in Shroom are made from mushrooms, where the residents are peaceful fairies. Dusta is the home of the evil elven warlocks, but life there isn't quite as bright and airy as Shroom. The residents of Dusta actually live in a dark cave with many tunnels that twist and turn. Sunda is another village in my story, it got its name from the beautiful sunflowers that grace the open land. Sunda is the home of the Ljosalfar, but we will call them light elves. Some say that the light elves skin is fairer than the sun to look at, that also played a role in how Sunda got its name.

"Zalvador And The Fairy Village of Shroom" will take you through each of these villages, so make sure to remember your map!