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The best review I have received for a book.

July 20, 2022

I believe it doesn't matter if you have wrote one book or one hundred books, getting a positive response to a project you have devoted a great deal of time and energy on feels amazing. The best review I received was actually a personal message. I doubt the person has any idea how much the comment means to me, or that it lifted my spirit for an entire day. I actually took a screen shot of it because I never want to forget the six words that brought me so much joy.... "Damn, that girl can really write."

That was all it took to brighten my day. The six words are only part of his comment, but to me they were the best six words I wanted, or possibly needed to hear.

The comment was actually for my book, "The Lady In White". As a self-published author, I had spent countless hours researching details of life in the 1800s, plotting who the Lady in White could possibly have been, where this unknown lady might have lived, and learning what events had really happened in Kansas City and Marceline, Missouri during the years of the Lady in White legend. I also had devoted months of my life coming up with my own story line, typing, paginating, and everything else imaginable to create a book. Then when I finally felt the story was ready to be read, I held my breath on what others would think. It was like showing off my new baby for the first time. I wanted everyone to be amazed by how similar the legend was to real life events, while enjoying the storyline I had created that went along with it.

I wish I had wrote down all the comments that I heard at my first book signing at the Marceline Library. The stories are what actually got me to create "The Lady in White Who?" book. For now I hold the "Damn, that girl can really write." comment as my favorite review I have got from a reader!