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The Lady In White Book - Paranormal Fiction Paperback

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Based on the Legend of:
The Lady In White

Paranormal Fiction Paperback Book

Book one of two of the "Lady In White" paranormal book series. Based on a late 1800’s urban legend of the Lady in White, that started in the small town of Marceline, Missouri, of a ghost that is believed to have caused the death of many railroad engineers.

The author takes you on a journey through the life and death of a woman who will come to be known as “The Lady in White” and the circumstances that led to the engineers’ untimely demise.

Included in this book are real newspaper clippings of the victims' deaths and many other articles as well as maps of Marceline during this time period.

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With a hard blow to the back of his head, Edwin fell to the ground in an instance, without even knowing what had hit him. Emma froze in fear. She wanted to run, but her body stood frozen in place. She knew that she needed to escape to save her and her baby’s lives, but Edwin was on the ground, helpless. Before her mind could come up with a plan, a man stood behind her, and grabbed her around the neck with his arm. She began to struggle but realized it was pointless, the guy was too strong for her.

Emma awoke from what she thought was a bad dream. But when she went to sit up, her fingers couldn’t feel the bed, she couldn’t feel anything. She tried to open her eyes, but all she could see was darkness, lots of darkness. It felt like she was trying to see for the first time.

The Lady in White Book Quote: When Edwin awoke, he found himself tied to a chair, in an old cabin. He realized that Emma was not in the room with him, but there was lots and lots of blood....