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Harry Finds a Berry

By: Sarah and Jodee Patel

Once upon a time in the jungles of South America, there was a sloth named Harry. Harry wanted to find a different fruit to eat. He wasn't looking for any ordinary fruit, he was looking for a berry, not a strawberry, gooseberry, or blueberry. He was looking for a raspberry.

Raspberries were rare where he lived, because the eagles would steal them before the other animals could eat them. Therefore Harry began his journey to find a raspberry. Deciding not to go alone, he brought his other sloth friends, Marley, and Tommy.

Harry's other two friends had never gotten to eat a raspberry. Along their way to Berry Farms, they met a lot of other animals that had never eaten a raspberry before either. They met an elephant named Ellie, a tiger named Stripes, and a lemur named Leeann.

Harry, Marley, and Tommy brought their new animal friends along to help find Berry Farms. All was going well on their way, until a flock of eagles went after them. The sloths dropped from the tree they were in, into the river below. They began to swim, while Ellie, Stripes and Leeann ran alongside them through the jungle.

Ellie used her trunk to lift up Leeann, so she could use her long tail to grab the eagles from the sky. After Leeann tossed the eagles to Stripes, he used his claws to hold them in place.

The three sloths noticed what was happening and swam out of the river. Harry asked the eagles what they were up to and why they were trying to attack them. To find out, the eagles were upset with the sloths for taking up so much room in the trees. The eagles wanted more tree space to build their nest. Therefore the eagles wanted to take away all the sloth's raspberries to punish them. The group came to an agreement, the sloths would make room for the eagles, if the eagles promised to share the raspberries. Both sides agreed upon the decision.

All the animals continued their journey to Berry Farms, while the eagles flew overhead to show them the way.

When Harry took his first bite of a raspberry, he was amazed by the sweet and sour flavor of the berry. All the other animals tried it, but only the three sloths liked the flavor. Ellie, Stripes and Leeann gave the raspberries they picked to Harry, Marley and Tommy.

They all laughed and had a good time on their way back home. Once back home, the sloths made room for the eagles, and they all lived happily ever together.