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The Coolest Family Ever(Kind Of)

By: Nicole Pope

It was April 1. Me and my family were having dinner, pork chops and broccoli. My family and I were talking when my mother, after she ate her full plate she got another full plate and went up stairs. This was normal, but it was kind of weird because she would come down with not even a plate in her hand. She never told us why or where the food went, but she must of told dad because he was always so normal about it. Me and my brother always were suspicious but we never questioned her. When it was time for bed my brother and I were brushing our teeth when we saw mom trying to sneak down the stairs with the plate she had taken upstairs earlier. But this time the plate had a bunch of leftover food. She did this every night but this time I was tired of wondering I wanted to know why,
“Hey mom,”
“Can I talk to you alone, please?”
“Yes let me just put this plate in the sin-”
I was talking to my mom at the dining table. I think she knew what I was going to say, she told dad to take Jack to bed because, “It was about to get serious,” as my mom said.
“That's not my name, its Lizzie”
“And can you tell what you're hiding from me and Jack?”
“I named you Elizabeth so I can call you that!”
“And two, me and your father are not hiding anything from you and Jack!”
“Oh ya then why do you always go up stairs with a full plate and then two seconds later you come down with not even a plate!”
“I said it's Lizze not Elizabeth, now tell me what you are hiding”
She pulled her long brown hair over her ear. She took in a deep breath and let it go,
“I…..I…….I can't talk about this today, can we talk about this tomorrow?”
I laughed,” Of course,” and stormed off in heat.


I woke up even more angry. Why cant she just tell me what she's hiding.That's it I’d had enough, I was going to find out sooner or later.


When my family went to bed I went up to attic, we were never aloud to go up there, my parents said,”You don't need to go up there, there is too much gunk even for you,”
I stepped away from the attic and decided to go to my brothers room to see if he wanted to come along . I got to the door and opened it so no one could hear,
“What do you want!?”
I turned on his light. My parents are deep sleepers anyway they won't see.
“Aren't you suspicious about what mom is doing,”
“Kind of but not that much to investigate,”
The way he said investigate was like he didn't care.
“Fine, be like that!”
“Okay, Okay I'll come,”
We walked to the attic door until our parents came out of their room.
“What are you kids doing!”
We turned around in shock.


We were at the dining table eating breakfast and talking about the other night. “Why were you two sneeking up to the attic?”
“Well….I….I wanted to know what you were hiding!”
“Jack go up stairs,”
“I said go up stairs!”
Jack walked up the stairs and turned and mouthed, ”good luck,”
“Jack go!”
Jack ran up to his room and mom turned to me,
“What do you think we were hiding in the attic?”
“A…..a…..A third child!”
I ran up the stairs and slammed my door.


I didn’t even brush my teeth but I did get into my pajamas, I slipped on my shirt and pants and finally felt comfy. I slipped off my necklace my grandma gave to me and my earrings my aunt gave to me.
Then, I was ready for bed.My mother opened the door slightly, “Go away!”
She shut the door and I got in bed, turned off the lamp and got my ipad to watch something. Last I fell asleep.


I woke up and felt horrible.I didn’t know why at first but then I remembered about what happened the other night. I hear a knock at my door and it was my mom asking if she could come in,
Mom walked in with a full platter of pancakes, eggs, bacon and orange juice. She always did breakfast in bed on the weekends.
“Your welcome have a nice morning….Lizzie,”
That was the first time she called me Lizzie in years, and I kind of liked it. I gave her a smile and she left my room. I turned on the tv and heard that the population police had decided to have the public able to have more than two kids. I was weirdly excited. I knew that my parents watched the news every morning and I knew that my parents that may have a third child saw that. I ran down stairs and saw my parents hugging and crying,
“Are you guys okay?”
“Yes, I'm just so happy!”
I already new the answer to that question
“Because we can have more than two kids! Oh and I just remembered, Go get your brother,”
I went upstairs to my brother's room and opened his door.
“Hey mom and dad want to see us,”
“Okay, one second,”
I walked down the stairs to where my parents were in the living room. I looked over and saw this little girl and she was wearing a big pink bow in her hair.
“Mom, who is this?’’
“You will see,”
Suddenly the little girl ran up to me and said,
I looked over at mom,
“Mom, did she...did she call me her sister!”
Mom smiled. Then Jack came down the stairs,
Jack looked at me then mom and dad. He also looked shocked.
“Lizzie, Jack come sit on the couch please, oh and K come sit in my lap,”
“Well Kate, but K is a nickname,”
K smiled.
“Anyway we want to tell you that this is well not really your new sister,”
“Our new sis-” My brother interrupted,
“Wait you said not that new sister,”
“Well, she has been living up in the attic for six year now,”
My brother and I stood up and both said together,
K laughed,
“It's not funny K,”
‘“So you have been hiding a CHILD from me and Jack for SIX YEARS!”
“Well, I thought you knew about the population police and stuff,”
“Yes I do know alot about the population police and I did have a feeling that you and dad were hiding something, but for SIX YEARS!”
“Well I'm sorry I thought this would get a better reaction, you have a new sibling to meet,”
Jack and I looked at eachother. We looked at mom and dad.
I ran up to K and picked her up and gave her a big huge hug.