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The Picture That Started My Self-Publishing Career

March 20, 2023

My career as a self-published author officially started in 2014 when my six year old daughter persuaded me to come up with a story to entertain her. I looked around the room for any form of inspiration. After the picture below caught my attention, a story began to unfold in my mind.

The Purple Rabbit childrens book inspiration image

I knew that my story would have to take place in the woods. I began the story with a little girl, since that is who was sitting right in front of me. Next I decided to come up with another character. Reflecting on the image again, the scene made me wonder who would walk on such a quiet road. Because the story was being told to a six year old, I decided my character needed to be a cute animal. Therefore, I decided the story was going to have a rabbit in it. Of course the picture brought me curiosity, therefore I didn't want an ordinary rabbit. My rabbit was going to be special. At the time my daughter's favorite color was purple. That is how a purple rabbit came into my mind. Then I had to decide why the rabbit was purple! On the fly I kept coming up with answers to my questions until I had told her a complete story that she was more than pleased to hear. I figuring it was a one-time only story. I created it only in my mind, and shortly moved on. Although my daughter did not. That evening she wanted me to tell her the same story. It took a while, but I did remember the story, and decided I may need to write it down in case she asked again. With my brain spinning, I decided to not only write it down, but draw, colorize, and publish this story for her. On May 8, 2014, The Purple Rabbit was published.

As you can see, inspiration for a story can come from anywhere. My first published book happened to begin with a picture hanging on a wall.

If you have a request for a new story, I would love to hear it! Drop me a line anytime!

The Purple Rabbit childrens book image